All photography and designs provided by Diego del Castillo unless otherwise specified.

I am an Architect, a dreamer, completely obsessed with designing buildings...



A short Story

I graduated from the Universidad Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru and got master's studies from Cornell University in New York. I worked at an architecture firm in New Jersey and  New York until 2005. Then things started to get interesting...

.. art and life are no longer separate domains..
— Theo Van Doesburg

In 2005 my father in law got sick and I returned to my home country, Peru. Peru was undergoing a real state boom so I decided to ride along. After creating oAu+d Arquitectos with my childhood friend and fellow architect Mario Duarte, we started developing and building medium scale housing projects. Our goal as a company was to be different, after all we where architects doing business, not businessmen playing with architecture.

We designed our own buildings, I started a conceptual blog, I abandoned my conceptual blog (which was a bad idea), published a book, I created a second real estate develpment company with more partners (Jacena SAC), got in with an investment group, partnered into a real state newspaper, and taught at the university.

oAu+d, creatively speaking, gives me a platform to do and design architecture that actually gets built (by us). But between projects, there are many wonderful design ideas, exercises and dreams that later become the foundation for those designs.

Until now those ideas and projects where lost. This is the space I'll showcase english...for all to see...

All the designs where created by me and most where built by oAu+d Arquitectos. Many designs where created out of my need to investigate into new or different forms and approaches to the design problem.

Before this space, some where previously posted on arquitecturaurbana, but I've decided to rebuild and add to those designs but under my own name (branding myself).

If any of the designs where co-created with someone else, it will be specifically described in the post, since I've also decided to post some of my work while i worked @ Hillier International in New Jersey.

I also maintain the blog of my architectural design studio on the USMP: tallerdelcastillo. At one point it was considered one of the top 5 educational sites in Spanish (for architecture)

P.S. I have a weird intellectual obsession with everything Theo Van Doesburg.