Seventh day Adventist Church Temple for the UPEU - Templo para la iglesia Adventistas de la UPEU

Firstly i have to state that I am not an Adventist, I was invited, as an Architect, to participate in a closed private competition for the design of their main temple in Lima, Peru inside the campus of the Adventist University UPEU (Universidad Peruana Union.

Since last post it seemed like a good idea to keep the church theme (I've designed a few). This project was co-designed with my friend and colleague Jesus Jauregui and was presented through his firm Instametal.

The church required us to do extensive research on Adventist ways and ceremonies and required to fulfill an huge program requiring classrooms to prepare the believers for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The lot was uphill and the sequence of spaces is akin to the sequence of ceremonies the Adventists participate in.

The concept started as a giant slab that bends in itself creating the closure for the shape of the church. In a was this was viewed as a "hug" in the same way the church welcomes their believers.

Here you can fin the panels the project was presented in (in Spanish)